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World’s Fair Intro Page & Video


Vaun Raymond, producer, videographer, editor


“Florentiner March” performed by Sousa’s Band (1911) Edison Standard Record: 10546 courtesy of University of California, Santa Barbara

“Barcarolle: Morning” by Nathaniel Dett, performed by Isaac Haire (2009)

“Bethena, a Concert Waltz” by Scott Joplin, performed by Adrienne Varner (2009)

“A Tanto Amor” performed by Mario Ancona (1907) Edison Gold Moulded Records: B.50.  Courtesy of University of California, Santa Barbara

“2nd Regiment Connecticut National Guard March” performed by Indestructible Military Band (1908) Indestructible Records, courtesy of University of California, Santa Barbara


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“Birds Eye View of AYP” University of Washington Special Collections, AYP462, Neg. 1378

“Couple in front of Spokane Building” University of Washington, Nowellx1986


“Norway Day at the AYP” (motion picture film) Seattle Municipal Archives

“Medallion with AYP seal” Museum of History & Industry, 1990.73.147

“Post card with totem poles” Washington State Historical Society, 2003.3.51.1

“People entering AYP” University of Washington, Nowellx2312

“Alaska Monument” University of Washington, Nowellx2752

“Fountain with Dirigible” University of Washington, 23078z

“Flower beds around Fountain” University of Washington, Nowellx2403

“U.S. Government Exhibit” University of Washington, Nowellx2344

“Asian Gate” University of Washington, 11690

“Northern Pacific Train in Cascade Mountains”  Museum of History & Industry, 2002.3.932

“People on Pay Streak” motion picture film by Will Hudson, Whatcom Museum

“Chinese Village” University of Washington, Nowellx3949

“Postcard with Statue of Liberty” University of Washington, 18947

“John Charles Olmsted” Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site

“Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr.” Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site

“Olmsted AYP Plan” University of Washington,15724

“Nome Circle” University of Washington, Nowellx1812

“View from Forestry Building” University of Washington, 26694z

“Aerial View” University of Washington, AYP347, Nowell 1040a

“View from Capitol Hill,” by Asahel Curtis, Washington State Historicala Society, 13427

Crowd on Pay Streak” University of Washington, Nowellx1543

“Fairy Gorge Tickler” (from Will Hudson film)

“Alaska Theater” University of Washington, Nowellx1854

“Eskimos” University of Washington, Nowellx1766

“Igorrote Women” Museum of History & Industry, 1974.5868.125

“Igorrote Dance” University of Washington, Nowellx2152

“Esplanade at the Foot of Pay Streak” Museum of History & Industry, Nowell, 90.73.155

“Tacoma Sign Postcard” History Ink

“Jack Adams Racing Canoe, Portage Bay” Museum of History & Industry SHS 11,726

“Mayflower” Museum of History & Industry, 1995.38.37.232

“Gaspee” Harper’s New Monthly Magazine no. 399, August 1883

“Life Saving Station” Washington State Historical Society, 1994.80.09 AYPE, Nowell

Parade from Norway Day film

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